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thank you for visiting wall art pottery and ceramics. We hope to provide a place for you to find ceramics and buy pottery and ceramics online. We have been making ceramic wall art for many years using our own kiln and techniques we have developed over the years.
We hope to be your place for ceramics. Will tell you where to buy the best clay the best equipment, and the best tools for the trade.
Ceramics is an old art. Early man-made pots for drinking and storing food. Working with clay is one of the oldest professions in the world. Ceramics can be glazed or painted with acrylics. The heat of the kiln uses the paint onto the surface permanently.
Visit our website and see the work we've done. Thank you for coming by. I been making pots for years and I never tire of it. Somehow the feeling of the wet clay on my hands makes me happy. Those of the usual comments of the Potter, who was attached to the earth by the very clay in which he works. Beginners need to take lessons. Any artist needs to know technique in order to get his vision across whether in clay, paint, stone.