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Flow Blue China Collecting and History

Flow blue china collecting in history. China like our has a history that is centered around blue. The acquisition of the color blue from Afghanistan helped the Renaissance art to break new ground. Likewise the color blue and pottery in China is important to the history of ceramics. Trade with China in the 1790s brought plates and ceramics to England that exhibited a striking blue color that was not present in English China. The flow blue china from China represents figures and form and was detailed with landscape images and people. Staffordshire and others decided to copy this motif using the new color blue. Their process, however, was flawed and the blue color flowed through the pottery as it baked in the kiln. This resulted in an image on the plate or pottery that is blotted and indistinct. It is the classic flaw that identifies flow blue china. The more flow and less definition leads to the higher value and price. Like the mis-struck coin or stamp, flow blue china is the mistake gone good.